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Before You Play

This game was made in a personal challenge of mine where I wanted to make something from start to finish in a fortnight. Since I was very rushed  through out development it isn't a great game, theres plenty of things I wish I could have spent more time on but couldn't. However it is a finished game which is more then I can say about a lot of my other projects.


Escape your demise, by making your way through a procedural generated farm collecting as many of your carrot brothers as you can. But be careful there a plenty of enemies that don't want you to escape, and have you all for there self. So go get out there and save carrot kind. 

How To Play

  • Mouse to aim/attack.
  • wasd/arrow keys to move.
  • w/space to jump.
  • Every 100 carrots you collect will heal you and increase your make hp.

Open Source

This game is also completely open source so feel free to look for my extremely rushed spaghetti code: Github



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CarrotAttackWindows.zip 26 MB
CarrotAttackMac.zip 30 MB
CarrotAttackLinux.zip 42 MB


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Made a video starts at - 3:26

To Mr.Fat Sod

absolutely scrumpichies

The highest praise!


Epic Wiggly!!! i love the game, the details is great, amazing work!!!


Thank You, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Very beautiful art! Game looks really cool, but it is quite a bit of a nightmare to play it on a AZERTY keyboard with a mouse control.. :(

I really wish I could play it with only my keyboard, like arrows keys to move and up arrow key to jump, and possibly spacebar to attack instead of clicking on the mouse. Hope this feedback doesn't look so agressive, I'm just that kind of player who s*** at mouse controls, and that has a AZERTY keyboard ^^'


These are totally fair complaints, I didn't even think about  AZERTY keyboards. Thank for the feedback these are things I will definitely have to remember in the future! 

No worries! I believe you'll achieve great things! Keep up :-)